The basic objective of quality policy of Co. KBZ s.r.o. is to provide satisfaction of customers’ needs and expectations for the continuous increase in efficiency of all company activities. To fulfil this objective the following basic preconditions are necessary:
  • Permanent improvement of quality management system in compliance with the international standard STN ISO 9001, consistent system application and utilization on each and every stage of management with active involvement of employees.

  • Increase in the efficiency of all company’s activities by means of providing:
    • Quality custom management
    • High material and service purchase operativeness with continuous supplier evaluation
    • Product quality growth complying with requirements coming from regulations and legislation in order to satisfy customers’ needs and expectations so that the customer gains confidence in the ability of the organization to fulfil its requirements.
  • Continuous increase of qualification and expertise of the employees by means of:
    • Efficient identification of requirement for education;
    • Targeted process control;
    • Efficient system of mutual exchange of information and professional experience
  • Development of production – technological basis by incorporating progressive technological processes.
Each company’s success is based on establishing close and long-time mutual relations with its customers. Company management requires all its customers to fulfil and follow the principles being contained in this very "Quality Policy".

Being aware of the effects of industrial activities on the environment, and in compliance with our environment protection programme, we commit to be persistent in our efforts to improve our environmental behaviour in order to avoid any kind of pollution. To achieve this policy we have set out plans which we monitor on a regular basis. Development of environmental indicators represents a key factor how to achieve these set out targets. By means of our company environmental policy we recognize our responsibility for sustainable development.
  • Environmental care is considered an integral part of our everyday work both on the existing production equipment and also when introducing new technologies fulfilling its business plans.

  • Observance of environmental responsibilities arising from legal requirements of the Slovak Republic as well as from requirements of European Union.

  • Emphasis on avoiding environmental accidents, risks of accidental pollution, remedy of unwanted effects and remedy of damaged environment by means of systematic inspection of technological processes.

  • The company aims to ensure continual improvement in its environmental presence.

  • Co. KBZ, s.r.o. declares that all its new technology solutions fulfilling its business plans will be first and foremost related to the environment.

  • Co. KBZ, s.r.o. shall guarantee that both external and internal communication works.
June 2011
Photogallery of plants Krásna nad Hornádom and Zohor.

May 2011
Address change of Bratislava branch, new contact telephone numbers. Newly opened branches added to the section CONTACTS.

May 2011
Company webpage has been completely reconstructed and now comes in updated design.